Intelligent Information and Communication Systems
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The Lab Tool

The Lab Tool is the central place for user administration, managing access rights and storing user-specific data. It also provides the user interface for navigating through the lab stations and tasks.

The user interface is divided into four main areas:

  1. The main navigation can be found in the top area. The use of buttons "LS1" through "LS8" takes the learner to the module of his choice. In each of theses modules he can read the related background literature or work on the tasks. The screenshot on the right shows the initial view of LS4. Users also have direct access to each task via a pull-down menu on the top of the window.
  2. The area below shows the title of the module.
  3. The tasks are presented in the next area below, together with a more expressive title and a button to open the window for the corresponding task.
  4. At the bottom of the user interface, background literature and task-specific tools, if any, are given.
  5. The very last component of the window is an exit button to leave the task or the lab.
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