Intelligent Information and Communication Systems
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Lab Station 1|
Example out of LS1|
Lab Station 2|
Lab Station 3|
Lab Station 4|
Example out of LS4|
Lab Station 5|
Example out of LS5|
Lab Station 6|
Lab Station 7|
Lab Station 8|


The following demonstration presents VILAB's teaching modules.

Every module, every "station", of our laboratory is self-contained and can be studied separately. In some cases, working through another station with a related topic can be of some help to students. In such cases, the stations provide a link to the corresponding module.

Please note that we teach in German. Therefore our examples are originally written only in this language. For better understanding the examples are partly translated into English.
Note also that the development of VILAB is still in progress. Thus we cannot demonstrate all planned functionalities for the time being. And, for the same reason, some of the latest developments cannot be reflected in this tour.

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Hermann Helbig | 04.03.2009
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