Intelligent Information and Communication Systems
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Lab Station 1: Programming

LS1 deals with programming. Due to the complexity of this topic it is divided into four parts:

Why these four?

Java has been chosen for a number of reasons:

Prolog is a very typical example of the logical computer languages, making it very suitable for teaching.

Scheme is a dialect of the language Lisp. We chose Scheme because it is commonly used in the field of artificial intelligence. The lab tool itself is written in Scheme and, therefore, provides a good example of the applicability of this programming language.

C has been selected to teach the imperative programming paradigm due to it's popularity.

Exercises of this station are solved by typing and sending in program code, which is processed instantly. The virtual tutor generates a response which helps the student to find possible errors and correct them until he is able to present a proper solution.

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